I'm Balint and I help people choose their ideal EV and hybrid car from ownership experiences of current owners, so that they can narrow down and decide which one is best for them.


When it was time to buy my first used car, a Prius, I read all the reviews I could find and watched all the videos on youtube on what to look out for before buying one. But I felt somewhat disappointed as there was a limited number of resources out there covering used Priuses. With all the limited information I knew on Priuses I bought our first Prius. Since then I bought another one and my brother-sister-in law as well.


When I was checking out a Prius to buy, one owner asked if I could come with him to check out a newer model he wanted to upgrade to, as he saw me going over his car meticulously.


I started the weekly podcast to share the acquired knowledge on used Priuses, to help others with information on the technology, the car and to talk with owners from around the world about their experience and the industry.


To help people who are looking to buy a used Prius, I've summarised my Prius experience with tons of information what to know about them as well as what to check before we buy one. You can find this detailed guide here.


This was in July 2019. Since then, the podcast grew quick to include other ownership experiences as well, so it was rebranded from Prius Podcast to ReInverted, to cover all sorts of used hybrid (mild, normal, plugin) and used EV cars as well.

The podcast is helping people looking to buy EV and hybrid cars with real and useful information from owners.


contact: blntgbc[at]gmail.com

Image by Charlie Deets
Image by Charlotte Stowe
Image by Ed Harvey

My Prius experience here