Submit your ownership experience to be featured in the show and help others with useful information on EV and hybrid cars! Be as detailed as possible to maximise the help potential future EV/hybrid owners can get in making their purchasing decision.


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What is your car (make, type, km / miles bought with and currently) ? What car did you have before that?

Why did you choose to go with that exact car? Were there other contestants?

What should people know about your car, its technology, what is it as an overview? What is it's full EV range in summer and winter if its a plug-in hybrid or EV?

How is the reliability? Have you had to visit the dealer to fix something? Any issues with software, infotainment, electronics?

What do you love about it the most? What do you prefer the least?

What was the opinion of friends/family of you buying an EV / hybrid?

What is something people ask you about the car and what is the answer to those questions?

Any advice for people looking to buy a car like yours for the first time?