Virtual Cars & Coffee

for EV, PHEV and hybrid car owners & fans

Join our virtual meetup series where you can expect a casual, relaxed but active environment, where people share their experiences and stories with one another in the world of EV, PHEV and hybrid cars and discuss the industry.


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upcoming session

5th of June | Register HERE

"I’ve really enjoyed these last couple get togethers. It’s been great to get together with everyone and chat about our cars and experiences."

David | 2007 Toyota Prius & 2016 Kia Soul EV owner

"Thanks again for putting this together, had a good time yesterday! It's really cool getting to interact with other EV owner. I really liked that the group already has a global presence and wide variety of EV models represented🙂. It was great to meet some other EV minded people, and hear all the different use-cases and situations that lead people to buying an EV.  I was also happy with how polite and orderly the group/session was. I have been in some public zoom sessions that quickly degraded into people talking over one another, or fighting."

Josh | Nissan Leaf 2020 Sv+ with tech

"You did a really good job hosting the event and sparking discussions."

Valentinas | Nissan Leaf 2014

"I really enjoyed the event. Some very interesting people and a good mix of use cases, cars and geography. I liked the format and fun agenda, there is always a danger of these types of events going down a rabbit hole but you and the other attendees kept it moving and interesting also was about the right length of time."

Andrew | Nissan Leaf 2013 (24 kWh) & 2020 (40kWh)

"Really enjoyed the event, some good discussion and interesting people and stories."

Isaac | Lexus GS 450h & Tesal Model 3 

"It was great to hear from current EV owners and their experiences. Hoping to get a Model 3/Polestar 2 soon. Thanks for putting that together!"

George | Future EV owner 🙂

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